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At Zenith, we want our clients and colleagues to “live richly, rather than die rich”. We want you to have an amazing and enjoyable financial future, and we love working with our clients to ensure that their personal financial situation and wealth is in a great position to allow them to do this. However, all that hard work and saving we do together to meet your goals and objectives can be pointless if we are not physically or mentally well enough to enjoy it.

We are so excited that Guy Leech has joined the Zenith Team to help our clients, colleagues and their friends with some healthy living tips.

Many of you will recognize Guy Leech.

Guy is a former Australian and World Ironman Champion, he is a multi-time winner of the famous Coolongatta Gold, a winner of second series of Australian Survivor Vanuatu, and has even made an appearance on the famous television series Baywatch.

Guy is one of Australia’s most formidable health and fitness experts and a great friend of the Zenith Wealth team.

Over the next 12 months you can look forward to receiving a weekly video from Guy (with the occasional appearance by Grant as well on some quick financial tips).

In this first video, Grant and Guy give an explanation of what they will be providing subscribers over the next 52 weeks.

As Grant explains, here at Zenith we can look after all of your wealth and financial planning needs (you may pick up Grant’s blooper in this first video…lol), and we hope to contribute a little towards maintaining your health and fitness as well.

We hope you enjoy and get some value from our ongoing Zenith Wealth and Health Video series.

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