In this week’s video Grant is back. Grant will give some insight into the pay yourself first principle.

Guy will give some insight into what he will be providing over the coming weeks with his healthy living tips.

Following on from “what gets measured, gets managed” we hope you will find the next tip from Grant equally as valuable.

Paying yourself first is about putting savings away the moment you get paid. Effectively its about tucking money away, if in an automated process then better, towards savings for your goals, and doing it first before Bills and before everyday spending.

It’s really a fool proof method of making sure you are saving for your goals.

So firstly – what is the end goal you are saving for?
Secondly decide how much you will save towards this goal
Tuck the money away – automatic debit/transfers are the best way, so it happens without thinking about it

Make sure you put the funds into a savings account that you can’t access easy (no atm access)

And when you reach your goal, take some time out to pat yourself on the back for what you have just done.

We really hope you are continuing to enjoy our Health and Wealth video series. We welcome any feedback and even suggestions for future topics. We would love to hear from you.

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