In the first of our regular videos Grant gives some tips about measuring cash flow whilst Guy talks about what he will be discussing over the next three weeks, particularly about the importance of goal setting.

So many times, we set ourselves goals, both personal and financial, only to hit a hurdle and never complete them.

As a successful athlete and business person Guy believes in setting achievable and realistic goals, he has a passion for inspiring others to do the same.

In our next video Guy will focus on goal setting and how to get to the finish line rather than faltering before-hand.

Grant is talking about measuring cashflow;

tracking what you are spending, and why it is important to have an understanding of why you should do this, and what tools are available out there to make this easy.

Cashflow management is a fundamental and a core service offering for any financial plan. Before we can save for our goals, we really need to have control of our budget. Measuring your spending is the first place to start.

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