In today’s video Guy talks about incidental movement.

“His message is to thinking of incidental movement as an opportunity rather than a inconvenience.”

So what is Incidental movement?

Incidental movement refers to any small form of movement that accumulates throughout the day, resulting in an increased level of daily activity. This form of activity doesn’t happen at the gym, but instead relies on your daily choices.

Incidental activity refers to any situation where you choose to be active. Examples include:

  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Walking instead of driving
  • Playing a yard game instead of a board game with the kids
  • Walking the dog instead of letting him roam the yard
  • Standing more often at work
  • Moving while watching TV

Incorporating more incidental activity into your day is one aspect of creating a more active lifestyle. While scheduling out 30 minutes a day to exercise is great, it doesn’t counteract sedentary behaviour throughout the rest of your day.

Incidental movement doesn’t replace planned exercise, but these two forms of activity can work together to increase your physical activity level.

The greatest difference between incidental and planned activity is where and when they are performed. Incidental activity requires no gym, special equipment or preparation. By standing up and moving, you can start engaging in incidental activity at any moment you choose.

Incidental movement is one of the top habits of healthy people, whom see it as an opportunity and not an inconvenience.

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