In this weeks video, Guy not only talks about the benefits of a full bodyweight workout, but has also provided a Wall Chart with a simple but effective work out routine you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Getting fit doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple bodyweight exercises can be a great choice for achieving gains in strength, flexibility and overall health.

But the best thing is they don’t cost a thing and you can do them just about anywhere.


Let’s look at the benefits in a little more detail;

  1. Firstly it is super efficient, you can get awesome fitness gains in short durations, and with no equipment involved, bodyweight workouts provide an easier transition from one move to the next with limited rest.
  2. Body weight exercises when done with vigour can really get your heart pumping giving you a great cardio workout
  3. Body weight exercises can have an awesome effect on your metabolism helping you to burn fat
  4. They can be challenging for everyone no matter what your fitness level, and can be modified if needed to stay challenging but also achievable for your present level of fitness
  5. Your core strength will improve
  6. Bodyweight exercises can help increase your flexibility
  7. There is never an excuse not to train, workouts are short, and convenient where you can squeeze them in whereever you are. Great way to relieve stress as well.
  8. Working with a variety of body weight exercises mean’s you will never get bored, use them to provide variance and get away from the rut we can fall into by running on the treadmill or doing bicep curls.
  9. You can mix it up, train indoors or take it outside on a nice day.
  10. And it’s free. Gym memberships can cost a lot of money, so often we take out a direct debit membership to a gym, and don’t cancel it when we are not going, because we might just get back to the gym someday. Does that sound familiar? We end up paying significant money over the year for a membership we do not utilise. Working out in the comfort of your own home, in the backyard, indoors, at a park or down the beach offers variety and saves you a lot of wasted membership fees

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