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Budgeting / Saving / Cash flow

The word ‘budget’ tends to lead to a negative mindset. One where people say, we don’t like to budget because we want to live now.

Budgeting or cashflow management isn’t about saving every last penny in your bank account just to have it sit in your bank. It’s about drilling down and working out what makes you tick in life, and then selectively allocating funds to each of these areas. It’s about securing yourself the freedom to have options and balance in your future.

It all starts here…


We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – do not ignore the powers of compound interest, the earnings on your money being reinvested and snowballing continuously.

Once you’ve made the decision to start, we can help by teaching you the different types of investments available and find which ones work best for you to reach your goals.

Our tip: don’t wait for the ‘right time’, start small if you have to but start now.


There’s all different kind of debts – good and bad, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed it’s probably time we had a chat. We can work together to get you back on track.


Life has a habit of changing unexpectedly and throwing curve balls our way. If something happened to you or a loved one, do you have a backup plan?

So many of us insure our houses and cars, yet very few of us insure ourselves or our incomes. We don’t believe that a change in circumstance should change your goals or financial success – that’s why we ensure you have protection in place.


Superannuation is massively underrated. Did you know that once you meet a condition of release your Super into a tax-free income stream to fund your retirement? Sounds like a pretty good deal to us, which makes it all the more important to ensure that you know where and how your Super is invested.


Self-managed superannuation funds can be advantageous under the right circumstances.
Some common examples:

>> You’re a business owner and would like to purchase a business premises with your Super funds and rent it back to your business.

>> You have a fair amount in Super and wish to join your funds with another individual’s Super to reduce fees.

If you’re considering the move, come talk to us.

Retirement Planning

Do you know how much you personally need to retire? Do you know what age you’re able to retire comfortably? Do you know how you can maximise your retirement savings tax effectively?

We can help to project out the future to see what it looks like for you and if you think you’ll need more than the projections show, we can help by teaching you the best ways to save for retirement.


Fact: Everyone pays tax.

Also fact: We have a couple of strategies up our sleeves that we can employ to reduce your tax.

Aged Care

Are you or someone close to you looking at moving into Aged Care? We understand it can be quite a complex area with a generally costly initial outlay. We can do up calculations for you to show the different scenarios so you can choose what works best for you.

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